Fittings - Reducer, Barrel & Swage Nipples, Tees, Nozzles, Elbows, Plugs

Rolf Engg. Solutions Inc. can supply a wide variety of fittings in Alloy & Carbon Steel Fittings like Reducer, Elbows, Tees, Nozzles, Plugs, Nipples for Alloy Steel Fittingsgas and fluid pipework systems, either as a package alongside the appropriate flanges (see appropriate product page) or on a stand alone basis.

The most common types of pipework fittings sought are as follows


A reducer is used in pipeline configurations when it is necesary to reduce the bore or internal pipe size. The length of the reduction is usually equal to the average of the larger and smaller pipe diameters.

There are two main types of reducer: concentric (flow is reduced evenly from the larger to smaller diameter) and eccentric (reducer is shaped with one straight and one reducing edge) reducers.

A reducer can be used either as nozzle or as diffuser depending on the original speed and desired of the flow.

Barrel & Swage NipplesBarrel & Swage Nipples

Like reducers, swage nipples are used to constrict the flow in pipework systems, however swage nipples are usually longer than reducers, and are used more extensively in higher pressure applications.

The swage's bore usually matches that of the pipe onto which they are fitting, although it is possible to have different bores/wall thicknesses/schedules as appropriate to meet the requirements of the pipework configuration and flow requirements.

The swage ends can be plain (one or both ends), threaded (one or both ends), bevelled if a weld is to be used to strengthen the connection (again, one or both ends), or a combination thereof.

TeesEqual and Unequal Tees

A tee is the most common and most flexibly supplied pipe fitting – being used to combine or split flows securely amongst three or four branch pipes.

Tees commonly are T-shaped with two outlets at 90° to the connection to the main line, or three outlets (two at 90° and one at 180° to the main line) and are categorized as

Equal – used where the size of the branch is same as the header pipe

Unequal – used where the branch size is less than that of header size

Tees can be supplied with female thread sockets/weld sockets/or with opposed weld sockets and side outlet(s) with female threads and Allloy Flanges & Fittings will be pleased to advise on the most suitable to use (based on their shapes and structure) from: Straight Tee, Reducing Tee, Double Branch Tee, Double Branch Reducing Tee, Conical Tee, Double Branch Conical Tee, Bullhead Tee, Conical Reducing Tee, Double Branch Conical Reducing Tee, Tangential Tee, and Double Branch Tangential Tee.

Tees are sized according to a standard nomenclature of “end” x “end” x “centre”. So if you want a tee that is 1" on both ends and 3/4" in the centre it would be classed as a 1" x 1" x 3/4" tee.


Nozzles are used to control the direction of the flow within a pipe configuration or to change or control the rate of flow within the pipework (especially to increase the velocity or pressure of flow pre/post nozzle).


An elbow is a fitting installed between two lengths of pipe to create a change of direction of the flow of the pipework to avoid obstacles or make best use of space available.

The following types of elbows are typically available

Long Radius (LR) Elbows – radius is 1.5 times the pipe diameter

Short Radius (SR) Elbows – radius is 1.0 times the pipe diameter

90 Degree Elbow – sometimes called a quarter bend - where change in direction required is 90°

45 Degree Elbow – where change in direction required is 45°

22.5° Degree Elbow - where change in direction required is 22.5°


The ends of the elbow can be machined for butt welding, threaded (usually female), or socketed.

When the ends of the two pipes differ in size, the fitting is called a reducing elbow.

Most elbows are available in short radius or long radius variants. The short radius elbows have a center-to-end distance equal to the Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) in inches, while the long radius is 1.5 times the NPS in inches.

Short Radius elbows are typically used in pressurized systems, while Long Radius elbows are typically used in low-pressure gravity-fed systems and other applications where low turbulence and minimum deposition of entrained solids are of concern.


A plug closes off the end of a pipe. It is similar to a cap but it fits inside the fitting it is mated to. Plugs can have a threaded end to ensure a tight fit into the pipe end, but be capable of removal should the configuration change.

Alloy Flanges & Fittings can supply fittings in a wide variety of materials, including stainless (such as 304, 316 and 321), duplex/super duplex (e.g. F44, F51, F53, F55), nickel alloys (including alloy 625, alloy 718), Titanium (grade 2 and 5), high yield carbon steel and 6 Moly steel.

Fitting are supplied to ANSI/ASME B16 (standards of pipes and fittings) and the appropriate dimensional specification (of the 49 covered in the standard, for example

  • ASME/ANSI B16.5 for pipe flanges and flange fittings which covers pressure-temperature ratings, materials, dimensions, tolerances, marking, testing, and methods of designating openings for pipe flanges and flanged fittings for flanges with rating class designations 150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, and 2500 in sizes NPS 1/2 through NPS 24
  • ASME/ANSI B16.9 which covers overall dimensions, tolerances, ratings, testing, and markings for wrought factory-made butt-welding fittings in sizes NPS 1/2 through 48 (DN 15 through 1200)
  • ASME/ANSI B16.11 which covers ratings, dimensions, tolerances, marking and material requirements for forged fittings - both socket-welding and threaded).
ASTM B366 WPN ASTM B366 WPHG3 ASTM B366 WPVB4 Monel R-405 UNS N04405
ASTM B366 WPNL ASTM B366 WP20CB ASTM B366 WPHB2 Incoloy 800H UNS N08810
ASTM B366 WPNC ASTM B366 WP904L ASTM B366 WPHB3 Incoloy 800HT UNS N08811
ASTM B366 WPHX ASTM B366 WP3127 ASTM B366 WPH160 Incoloy 825 UNS N08825
ASTM B366 WPHC 22 ASTM B366 WPH120 ASTM B366 WP3033 Inconel 718 UNS N07718
ASTM B366 WPV602 ASTM B366 WP330 ASTM B366 WPH556 Inconel Alloy 600 UNS N06600
ASTM B366 WPHG30 ASTM B366 WP6XN Nickel alloy 200 UNS N02200 Inconel Alloy 601 UNS N06601
ASTM B366 WPHG35 ASTM B366 WPNIC Nickel alloy 201 UNS N02201 Inconel Alloy 625 UNS N06625
ASTM B366 WPV45TM ASTM B366 WPNIC10 Hastelloy C-276 UNS N10276 Alloy 20 UNS N08020
ASTM B366 WP5923 ASTM B366 WPNIC11 Hastelloy X UNS N06002 AL-6XN UNS  N08367
ASTM B366 WPHC2000 ASTM B366 WPNICMC Hastelloy C-22 UNS N06022 Hastelloy G UNS N06007
ASTM B366 WPM21 ASTM B366 WP1925 Hastelloy B-2 UNS  N010665 Alloy 602 CA UNS N06025
ASTM B366 WPH230 ASTM B366 WP2120 Hastelloy B-3 UNS N010675 Alloy 59 UNS N06059
ASTM B366 WPHC4 ASTM B366 WP1925N Hastelloy Hybrid BC1, Hastelloy C-2000 UNS N06200
ASTM B366 WPNCI ASTM B366 WPHB Hastelloy C-4 UNS N26455 Haynes Alloy 230 UNS N06230
ASTM B366 WP603GT ASTM B366 WPHN Hastelloy C-22HS Super Alloy Inconel 686 UNS N06686
ASTM B366 WPNCMC ASTM B366 WPH242 Hastelloy G-35 UNS N06035 Hastelloy G-30 UNS N06985
ASTM B366 WPIN686 ASTM B366 WPHC276 Monel Alloy 400 UNS N04400 Alloy 31 UNS N08031
ASTM B366 WP626SI ASTM B366 WPB10 Monel alloy K-500 UNS N05500 Super Alloy Incoloy Alloy 330 UNS N08330


Grades for Fittings & Flanges

A105 A181 A182  A193 A194 A234 A320 A350 A403
A181 class 60 A182 F1 A193 B5 1 A234 WPB A320 L7 A350 Grade LF1 A403 WPXM-19
A181 class 70 A182 F2 A193 B6 2 A234 WPC A320 L7A A350 Grade LF2 A403 WP304
A182 F5 A193 B6X 2HM A234 WP1 A320 L7B A350 Grade LF3  A403 WP304L
A182 F5a A193 B7 2HM A234 WP12 CL1 A320 L7C A350 Grade LF5  A403 WP304H
A182 F9 A193 B7M 4 A234 WP12 CL2 A320 L70 A350 GradeLF6  A403 WP304N
A182 F10 A193 B16 3 A234 WP11 CL1 A320 L71 A350 Grade LF9  A403 WP304LN
A182 F91 A193 B8 6 A234 WP11 CL2 A320 L72 A350 Grade LF787 A403 WP309
A182 F92 A193 B8A 6F A234 WP11 CL3 A320 L73 A403 WP310S
A182 F122 A193 B8C 7 A234 WP22 CL1 A320 L43 A403 WPS31254
A182 F911 A193 B8CA 7M A234 WP22 CL3 A320 L7M A403 WP316
A182 F11 Class 1 A193 B8M 8 A234 WP5 CL1 A320 L1 A403 WP316L
A182 F11 Class 2 A193 B8MA 8A A234 WP5 CL3 A320 B8 A403 WP316H
A182 F11 Class 3 A193 B8M2 8C A234 WP9 CL1 A320 B8A A403 WP316N
A182 F12 Class 1 A193 B8M3 8CA A234 WP9 CL3 A320 B8C A403 WP316LN
A182 F12 Class 2 A193 B8P 8M A234 WPR A320 B8CA A403 WP317
A182 F21 A193 B8PA 8MA A234 WP91 A320 B8T A403 WP317L
A182 F 3V A193 B8N 8T A234 WP911 A320 B8TA A403 WPS31725
A182 F3VCB A193 B8NA 8TA A320 B8PA A403 WPS31726
A182 F22 Class 1 A193 B8MN 8F A320 B8F A403 WPS31727
A182 F22 Class 3 A193 B8MNA 8FA A320 B8FA A403 WPS32053
A182 F22V A193 B8MLNCuN 8P A320 B8M A403 WP321
A182 F23 A193 B8MLNCuNA 8PA A320 B8MA A403 WP321H
A182 F24 A193 B8T 8N A320 B8A320 LN A403 WPS33228
A182 FR A193 B8TA 8NA A320 B8A320 LNA A403 WPS34565
A182 F 36 Class 1 A193 B8R 8LN A320 B8MA320 LN A403 WP347
A182 F36 Class 2 A193 B8RA 8LNA A320 B8MA320 LNA A403 WP347H
A182 F6a Class 1 A193 B8S 8MN A320 B8P A403 WP348
A182 F6a Class 2 A193 B8SA 8MNA A403 WP348H
A182 F6a Class 3 A193 B8LN 8MLN A403 WPS38815
A182 F6a Class 4 A193 B8LNA 8MLNA
A182 F6b A193 B8MLN 8R
A182 F 6NM A193 B8MLNA 8RA
A182 FXm-27 Cb 8S
A182 F429 8SA
A182 F430 8MLCuNA
A182 F304 9C
A182 F304H 9CA
A182 F304L 16
A182 F304LN
A182 F309H
A182 F310
A182 F310H
A182 F310MoLN
A182 F316
A182 F316H
A182 F316L
A182 F316N
A182 F316LN
A182 F31Ti
A182 F317
A182 F317L
A182 S31727
A182 S32053
A182 F347
A182 F347H
A182 F348
A182 F348H
A182 F321
A182 F 321H
A182 F XM-11
A182 F XM-19
A182 F 20
A182 F 44
A182 F45
A182 F46
A182 F47
A182 F48
A182 F49
A182 F56
A182 F58
A182 F62
A182 F63
A182 F64
A182 F 904 L
A182 F 50
A182 F 51
A182 F 52
A182 F 53
A182 F 54
A182 F 55  
A182 F57
A182 F59
A182 F60
A182 F61
A182 F65  
A182 F66
A182 F67
A420 A437  A453  A522  A540  A694  A707 A727 A733 A758 
A420 WPL6 A437 Grade B4B A453 GRADE 660 A522 Type 1 A540 B21 A694 F42 A707 L1 A758 Grade 60 
A420 WPL9 A437 Grade B4C A453 GRADE 651 A522 Type 2 A540 B22 A694 F46 A707 L2 A758 Grade 70 
A420 WPL3 A437 Grade B4D A453 GRADE 662 A540 B23 A694 F48 A707 L3
A420 WPL8 A453 GRADE 665 A540 B24 A694 F50  A707 L4
A453 GRADE 668 A540 B24V A694 F52 A707 L5
A694 F56 A707 L6
A694 F60 A707 L7
A694 F65 A707 L8
A694 F70
A774  A815 A836 A858 A860  A988 B363 B366 B381
A774 TP 304L A815 WP27 A836 CLASS 1 A860 WPHY 42 A988 S41000 B363 WPT1 B366 WPN  B381 F-1
A774 TP 316L A815 WP33 A860 WPHY 46 A988 S41026 B363 WPT2 B366 WPNL B381 F-2
A774 TP 317L A815 WP429 A860 WPHY 52 A988 S41500 B363 WPT2H B366 WPNCᶜ B381 F-2H
A774 TP 321 A815 WP430 A860 WPHY 60 A988 S42390 B363 WPT3 B366 WPHX B381 F-3
A774 TP 347 A815 WP430TI A860 WPHY 65 A988 S30400 B363 WPT7 B366 WPHG B381 F-4
A815 WP446 A860 WPHY 70 A988 S30403 B363 WPT7H B366 WPHC22 B381 F-5
A815 WPS31803 A988 S30451 B363 WPT9 B366 WPV602 B381 F-6
A815 WPS32101 A988 S30453 B363 WPT11 B366 WPHG30 B381 F-7
A815 WPS32202 A988 S31600 B363 WPT12 B366 WPHG35 B381 F-7H
A815 WPS32750 A988 S31603 B363 WPT13 B366 WPV45TM B381 F-9
A815 WPS32950 A988 S31651 B363 WPT14 B366 WP2120 B381 F-11
A815 WPS32760 A988 S31653 B363 WPT15 B366 WP5923 B381 F-12
A815 WPS39274 A988 S31700 B363 WPT16 B366 WPHC2000 B381 F-13
A815 WPS32550 A988 S31703 B363 WPT16H B366 WPM21 B381 F-14
A815 WPS32205 A988 S21904 B363 WPT17 B366 WPH230 B381 F-15
A988 S31254 B363 WPT18 B366 WPHC4 B381 F-16
A988 S31725 B363 WPT19 B366 WPNCI B381 F-17
A988 S31726 B363 WPT20 B366 WP603GT B381 F-18
N08367 B363 WPT21 B366 WPNCMC B381 F-19
A988 S32654 B363 WPT23 B366 WPIN686 B381 F-20
A988 S17400 B363 WPT24 B366 WP626Si B381 F-21
A988 S321803 B363 WPT25 B366 WPHG3 B381 F-23
A988 S32205 B363 WPT26 B366 WP20CB B381 F-24
A988 S32950 B363 WPT26H B366 WP3127 B381 F-25
A988 S32750 B363 WPT27 B366 WPH120 B381 F-26
A988 S39274 B363 WPT28 B366 WP330 B381 F-26H
A988 S32760 B363 WPT33 B366 WP6XN B381 F-27
A988 S39277 B363 WPT34 B366 WPNIC B381 F-28
A988 S32505 B363 WPT35 B366 WPNIC10 B381 F-29
B363 WPT36 B366 WPNIC11
B363 WPT38 B366 WP904L
B366 WP1925
B366 WP1925N
B366 WPH242
B366 WPHC276
B366 WPB10
B366 WPVB4
B366 WPHB-2
B366 WPHB-3
B366 WPH160
B366 WP3033
B366 WPH556
B462 B564 B637
B462 UNS N08026 B564 N02200 B637 UNS N07252
B462 UNS N08020 B564 N02201 B637 UNS N07001
B462 UNS N08024  B564 N04400 B637 UNS N07500
B462 UNS N08367  B564 N06002 B637 UNS N07750
B462 UNS R20033 B564 N06007 B637 UNS N07718
B462 UNS N06030 B564 N06022 B637 UNS N07080
B462 UNS N06022  B564 N06025 B637 UNS N07752
B462 UNS N06200  B564 N06030 B637 UNS N09925
B462 UNS N10276  B564 N06035 B637 UNS N07725
B462 UNS N10665  B564 N06045
B462 UNS N10675 B564 N06058
B462 UNS N06059 B564 N06059
B462 UNS N06686 B564 N06200
B462 UNS N08031  B564 N06210
B462 UNS N06045  B564 N06230
B462 UNS N06025  B564 N06455
B462 UNS N10629 B564 N06600
B462 UNS N06035  B564 N06603
B564 N06625
B564 N06686
B564 N06219
B564 N06985
B564 N08020
B564 N08031
B564 N08120
B564 N08330
B564 N08367
B564 N08800
B564 N08810
B564 N08811
B564 N08825
B564 N08904
B564 N08925
B564 N08926
B564 N10001
B564 N10003
B564 N10242
B564 N10276
B564 N10624
B564 N10629
B564 N10665
B564 N10675
B564 N12160
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